Thanksgiving is coming! (Christmas will have to wait)

We've been hearing a lot of people gasping about seeing Christmas decor being set up in major stores while Thanksgiving hasn't even arrived!

We feel ya!

Thanksgiving is big in the esselle family, and we can't wait to gather all our love ones to celebrate this festive holiday! 

Here is what we have in mind for this year's Thanksgiving entertaining...


We're definitely covered in this area with esselle's Bella Hostess Box! Our ready-made, and reusable table setting kit (which caters to 6 or 10 guests) will  help save time in searching for decor and allows us to focus on tackling that giant turkey. We all know that another big part of throwing dinner parties is the table set up.   Hostess Boxes are designed with busy modern hostess in mind :)...No more hours of strategizing which stores to hit while planning the entire dinner menu! 

Thanksgiving Cocktails

Remember those cinnamon sticks you have tied to your napkins from Bella Hostess Box? Well, what's the use for those sticks if they can't be functional, too? Don't worry, we had a reason.  Holiday cocktails choices are plenty and many are infused with cinnamon! So, we picked a couple cocktails that would pair great with your...sticks!

Main & Side Dishes

Every year we try to go outside our comfort zone and try something different.  This recipe of Martha's caught our eyes.  We can already smell the beautiful aroma of rosemary and lemon in the air :)

Nothing speaks more fall and festive than root vegetables.  This recipe looks super easy and yummy!  We love the color combination of all the radishes!

You can't call it a Thanksgiving without brussels sprouts.  Don't like brussels sprouts?  How about brown sugar and bacon?  Try this and we guarantee you will start craving for brussels sprouts :)

Mouth Watering Desserts

We've been following this young (but super amazing) food blog for some time, and we cannot get over how perfect each plate looks (and tastes!)  Be the judge yourselves and let us know how much you love The Gouda Life!

We especially are eyeing this recipe, Blue plum skillet cake ....Doesn't it look absolutely delish?

Post-Meal Drink

One word. Chai. There are many kinds of blends that can be found online, but we like this homemade chai concentrate in particular! Why? Because Tasty Yummies had me at coconut sugar, cinnamon sticks, nutmeg, ginger, orange zest, raw honey....and the list goes on.  There are so many ingredients that goes into this recipe that makes our heart burst.  We cannot wait to try this!  And not only that, her idea in packing the concentrate into mason jars(which can be served as gifts for guests to take home) is brilliant! Definitely a very happy thanksgiving indeed.

Let us know what you are planning for this Thanksgiving! 

Images via The Gouda Life, Tasty Yummies, Food&Wine, Martha Steward,

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