Everything you need to know about Shipping/Return/Exchange:
  • Please visit our SHIPPING PAGE for detail.
  • Our store refund policy is for CREDIT-ONLY. More details can be found within the link above.
What’s my order status?

You will receive the following email notifications from us when you place an order.

  • Order Confirmation
  • Shipping Confirmation (including tracking number)
  • Delivery Notice (when an order is out for delivery)
If you don't see any Order Confirmation email in your inbox nor spam folder, please email Info@essellesf.com to request the confirmation to be resent.
Each order will take anywhere between 1-5 business days to process depending on the product.  All handcrafted products are made upon order placed so the processing time will take longer than in-stock and ready to ship items.
We do not ship on weekends and Federal Holidays. 
Do you offer any warranties on your tech products?
We currently do not offer any warranties, however, if your tech products have unusually 'worn-out' much faster than anticipated within 3 months of receiving your goods - please send us photos so we can inspect the item to determine if it warrants a Free Replacement.
Any major drops on rough surfaces such as concrete/gravel will not be considered for a free replacement.
If your case is deemed to have manufacturing defect, we will happily provide a free replacement.
My candle came without a wick - what do I do?
This is commonly known as a 'Sinkhole'. Rest assured the wick is there! The wax have simply contracted due to cold temperature and may have been tipped over during transit. It's a very natural occurrence - especially for coconut wax. 
All you need to do is use a hair dryer (or heat gun if you have one) and warm up the candle jar and/or directly on top of the candle (ideally at least 6" above the wax and in a sweeping motion) to 're-heat' the wax. The wax will eventually soften back down to its original place and reveal the wick that has been hidden.
My candle wick is too short and my candle won't stay lit?
This can sometimes happen due to overpouring the wax. A quick and easy way to fix this is by warming up the wax and pour, or scoop some wax out.
  1. Use a hairdryer (or heat gun if you have one) to warm up the wax - hold the dryer at least 6" away. Use sweeping and circular motion to heat up the surface of the wax until it liquifies. The more you want to pour out, the more you need to keep heating up the wax.
  2. Pour the wax into a temporary container - ideally glass. Or dispose the wax into your compost bin or trash bin. Our coconut wax is biodegradable. Another great way to continue to use the leftover wax is using a wax warmer! (Wax warmers can easily be purchased on Amazon).
Do you offer any customizations?
  • We can now offer laser engraving on our wooden products! There is no minimum quantity requirements for laser engraving.  Price may vary depending on complexity of your design and the quantities orders.
  • Complimentary monogram available for vegan leather AirPods case and laptop sleeves.
  • Please email us at Sherry@essellesf.com for all custom engraving needs.
Do you accept custom orders?
  • If you like to discuss a potential project for our resin or candle products, please reach out to us at Info@essellesf.com. 
    What's the recommended size/weight of paper for the place card holders:
    • Our place card holders can generally hold between 80# - 360# cover card stock with recommended paper dimension up to 4"x 6".  We suggest a range of 110#-165# heavy card stock for 5"x 7".  Any paper/material larger than 5"x 7" is not recommended.
    • Beech Cylinder can fit up to 18"x24"  poster prints. Beech triangle can fit up to 11"x17" prints. 
    • If your signage material is made of other materials such as acrylic - please contact us before placing an order.
    • The slot size of the holder is approximately 1/8".
    • Cedar wood weighs lighter than beech wood. We strongly advice using glue dot or tape to secure the place card holder to a flat surface so the place cards/menu/table number doesn't topple over. 
    For further questions or need suggestions, please contact us at Info@essellesf.com.