Exclusive collaboration with Utterly Engaged

It feels SO good to finally unveil our collaboration with our favorite wedding publication, Utterly Engaged
When Lucia, the Founder of Utterly Engaged approached us to discuss about bringing esselle onboard into their online shop; we said YES without hesitation.
Lucia’s creative vision for her magazine is purely magic and we are deeply in love.
Utterly Engaged isn’t just another pretty wedding website- it’s a gorgeously printed magazine that tells real love stories of real people. 
One way to describe how much we adore the magazine is similar in describing how much we love adult coloring books.
Unbeknownst to us, the book draws us in, engages with us, and more importantly brings us joy.
The detail and love Lucia puts into each issue of the magazine can be seen and felt throughout the new wedding marketplace. 
(photography by Jennifer Sosa)
Lucia works with each artist/maker she brings onboard and curate pieces that she knows her audience will love.
We worked with her in bringing exclusive color & style options that will not be found anywhere else.
One of our exclusive place card holder is hand-painted ‘dodecahedron’ in full gold! 
Pre-order on Utterly Engaged now and receive 10% promo code to shop on esselle!

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