Earnest Ice Cream

We spent this past weekend in Vancouver, BC.  We love the city.  It's clean, green, and so beautiful in many ways.  Although it's been snowing, it didn't stop us from trying the famous Earnest Ice Cream.  After all, what's better than ice cream by the fireplace in a snowy day? 

Launched in 2012, Earnest Ice Cream brings local and sustainable scoops of yumminess to Vancouver with flavors that highlight produce of the local farms.  If you pack a pint home (trust us, a scoop is NOT enough), it's packaged in reusable glass jar.  We appreciate the philosophy behind Earnest.  Moreover, we LOVE its whisky hazelnut ice cream!

If you ever go to Vancouver, don't forget to stop by Earnest Ice Cream:

3992 Fraser St. (at 24th Ave.)
Vancouver, BC
(604) 428-0697


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