The Best Halloween Costume Compilation

It's that time of year again! Where being the scariest, creepiest, weirdest, and the most flamboyant and outrageous isn't frowned upon, but instead, celebrated!  Halloween is probably one of the best holidays. Ever.

We have gathered (from across the web) of what we think is the most representative of what Halloween is all about! -Enjoy!

BuzzFeed has done it again. Putting together the best "double take" costumes.  We are LOVING the Kronk. It is a dead ringer. Great job, guy! 

The adorable Lego family. Brilliant! (Did we mention it's all handmade by the talented mom, Roxy?)

WIN! The best couple's costume. Such details- definitely going above and beyond in the spirit of Halloween! 


Topical! Love. And looks like a quick and easy DIY costume! 

Best costume for the snack monsters! Why not be what you like to eat- In this case, Doritos?? Check out more awesome DIY costumes over at Brit & Co!

Because Instagram is THE BEST. 

Probably one of the easiest "costume" -if you know how to use makeup. BUT perhaps the most tiring, and challenging costume to "stay on"....since you pretty much can't talk, smile, or basically move any facial muscles for the entire Trick o' Treat sesh.  Gotta think twice about this one.

I can't look away! He is adorable and super scary. Don't know if I should call his parents brilliant, or twisted. Hmm...

Welcome to the 21st century. Emojis are everything. How do people text without it now?

Where can we get one???



Xo, esselle


Image Source // Brit & Co // Huffington Post // BuzzFeed // BoredPanda // Team Jimmy Joe // Noisey.Vice. // Snappy Pixels

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