2019 Mother's Day Gift Guide - Top Self-Care Picks For The Woman Who Deserves It The Most!

Happy Mother’s Day from Esselle! Let’s face it - moms deserve way more quality “me-time”. Being a mom is one of the hardest jobs, if not THE hardest job, in the world! Whether you’re spending this special day with your own mom, grandma, mommy friend, or a mama-to-be, we think giving the gift of self-care is the best gift of them all (besides the gift of you being born of course (; ). Check out our top momma wellness must-haves and be sure to share some of your gift ideas below in the comments!


1. Esselle’s “Limited Edition Mother’s Day Gift Box” - ($55.00)

Curated with love for the most lovely woman. Our limited edition gift box includes a ‘Mom’ Fig Tree Tin Candle (our best selling scent with a custom label design), an ‘I Love You, Mom’ Greeting Card (blank inside and paired with a white envelope), our Rose Quartz Facial Roller (promotes lymphatic drainage and enhances blood circulation. Rose Quartz is also known for its calming properties and aids self love), and a Rose Gold Keepsake Box (perfect for storing photos and other precious items).


2.  Tea Revv’s “Chill Out” Ice Tea Selection - ($10.35 USD)

With temperatures getting hotter, Tea Revv’s “Chill Out” iced tea is sure to keep mom cool and relaxed. This gift set comes with eight yummy flavors, including: Watermelon Oolong, Lychee Jasmine Green, Berry Very Berry, and Honey Fruit Fennel. Iced tea has also been proven to relieve stress and help with heart health! A perfect little gift to help mom chill the nerves.


3. Aenon’s “Multi-Masking Set” - ($68.00)

Aenon’s minimal yet powerful approach to skincare has changed the self-care game! Their curated gift set of their best selling face masks is guaranteed to make any momma glow! Their Multi-Masking Set includes a rose face mask for purifying, a charcoal face mask for exfoliating, a tropic clay mask for brightening, and a mint clay mask for cooling. A versatile combination for a versatile woman!

4. Google Home Mini - ($49.99)

Sometimes organization and self-care can go pretty hand in hand. What’s more mentally grounding than your own personal assistant? Google Home can help mom with almost anything: from booking flights, making restaurant reservations, helping to learning a new language, or guiding her through a soothing meditation session. The self-care possibilities are endless!

5. The Sill’s “Aloe Vera in Mini Hyde Planter” - ($29.00)

We get it. Not everyone is a #CrazyPlantLady, but we’ve come to learn that taking care of a plant also serves as a great reminder to take care of yourself! Think about the parallels - staying hydrated, establishing and maintaining a routine, getting some sunlight and fresh air, and allowing time and space to grow. What a sweet and subtle way for mom to practice self-care! We recommend The Sill’s Aloe Vera plant as Aloe is known for its soothing and calming properties.

6. Ashtanga Yoga Poster - ($20.00)

It doesn’t matter if mom is a beginner or a certified yogi, this cute and decorative poster is the perfect reminder to take some time out of her day to practice physical, mental, and emotional self-care. Yoga is known to lower blood pressure, reduce insomnia, and minimize stress - all while increasing flexibility, strength, and mind/body awareness. It’s been proven that just 10 minutes of yoga every day helps tremendously with overall health and well being. We suggest pairing this gift with either a yoga mat or yoga sessions!

7. Herbivore’s Wellness Crystal Collection - ($46.99)

Crystals! Something every wellness self-care junkie needs and loves! Herbivore’s specially curated crystal collection comes with Rose Quartz (love + self esteem), Citrine (health + creative flow), Amethyst (peace + tranquility), Lapis Lazuli (inner wisdom + rejuvenation), and Lemurian Seed Quartz (energy + vitality). Each set has been cleansed and charged under a California full moon! This set is perfect for the mom who values balance and good vibes.


Have some gift ideas of your own? Any special Mother’s Day plans? Leave a comment below!

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