Northern California Wine Country Weekend Getaway

It's been awhile since we've visited the beautiful wine country.  And every time we visit, the more we are in love with all it has to offer.
Though it was only a short weekend getaway, the experience was fulfilling and rewarding in so many ways.

Let us begin our trip with this gorgeous house we had the pleasure of staying in.  
This property belongs to the famous Cornerstone Sonoma
Cornerstone has been a long love of ours, because one of our Founder got married here! (More about the wedding in later posts!)
Cornerstone is not a typical winery, it is actually a nine-acre walk through garden!  And it's not just a garden with grass and flowers, the entire landscape of Cornerstone are filled with art and sculptures, which makes this special garden an outdoor gallery.  Famous landscape architects and designers would showcase their work through Cornerstone, making the garden ever changing.  So if you are ever in Sonoma, Cornerstone is THE PLACE to visit!  Best of all, it is FREE! No money needs to be paid to admire beautiful landscape. It might even inspire you to do a little garden redesign :)
But wait!
There's more!
One of our favorite shops in the Wine country is also here in Cornerstone.  Zipper has been around for 7 years and we were extremely sad to found out that they will be closing this coming April.  We are glad to have at least get the chance to say goodbye.  The owners Steven Saden and Elizabeth Cashour will be traveling the world after closing (kind of jealous here!), but we wish them all the best and we know they will have a wonderful time traveling the world!
There are also many other great stores, and a couple awesome tastings rooms available here.  It really is a place where you can spend an entire afternoon.  So if you do plan on visiting Cornerstone, make sure you have a least a couple hours to kill.

Ahh~ Wineries...
First of all, we are not wine experts/connoisseurs, but we sure enjoy wine tastings and visiting wineries. 
We got to visit 3 wineries this weekend and there is one in particular that we want to give a shout out!
We LOVE Scribe.  
What is there not to love? Great wines, great staff, great space (outdoor & indoor) but most importantly, they've got a great story.  We fell it love with the history, and the identity of this winery.  We love the organic feel of it all.  We don't want to tell you too much of their story, because we rather you visit the winery yourself or read about it on their website!
 Many existing online reviews and prestigious magazine articles have called Scribe a hipster winery, or even the owners themselves, hipsters. But that's just senseless labeling in our opinion.  We see Scribe as a lifestyle, to enjoy good food, good wine and sometimes, good company.  And our experience at Scribe was exactly that. We genuinely enjoyed all aspect of our visit. 
Before I move on to share more amazing places, please remember if you do visit Scribe...
It will be worth your while :)

We had Chicken & Waffles, Onion Rings, The Whole Hog, Nashville Chicken and a Chocolate milkshake.
It was all VERY delicious.
The fried chicken is a must-try.  Crispy on the outside and super juicy on the inside!

The Fremont Diner began its journey back in 2009, before then it was a dying burger joint.  Chad Harris, a former caterer took over the business and it bloomed into a must-eat restaurant in Sonoma today.  Other than the great food and milkshakes, all that awesome rustic and vintage furniture pieces and serveware makes this diner looking fabulous! Because you all know how we love vintage goodies!
We hope to have inspired you to visit the wine country in the near future! 
And please don't hesitate to leave a comment to recommend your personal favorites!!

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