Featured in California Wedding Day Magazine


esselle's very own DIY crafter/content editor, Sherry got featured in California Wedding Day magazine! Congratulations!
Did you know Sherry's wedding was packed with her own DIY creations? She wanted to design and hand made as many things as possible so that she can keep them forever, and be able to pass down a piece of her memories to her future children :)
Here we will reveal just a few of what was hand crafted in the wedding:
Bridal bouquet 
Bridesmaids giant pinwheels (instead of traditional bouquets)
Another bouquest (for the toss)
Dinner napkins 
Fabric flowers, pompoms, and mini-pinwheels (for name cards)
and MORE!!!
If you want more deets about Sherry's wedding, don't hesitate to leave a comment!
Also, quickly mentioning...
We can't wait to reveal some of Sherry's DIY in store this summer!
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