Tablescape Essential: Candle

We LOVE candles.  They are everywhere in our home- on the coffee table, kitchen counter, by the bed, in the bathroom, and of course, on our dining table.  They make a simple salad & wine dinner suddenly seems more romantic.         
Lately we are obsessed with candles that comes in or from vintage glasswares.  We like the idea of bringing what used to be on the dining table back with a new life.  We also like candles that come in containers that can be reused.  Most of these candles are made with bee wax or soy.  They burn cleaner, brighter and longer.  And of course, they are better for the environment. 
Here are some really unique designs that we want to share with you.  Remember to stay tuned.  You might just find some of them in our shop opening this Summer!  
image above: 1. Waverly & Irving, 2. pollenArts, 3. Paula Lopez, 4. seletti, 5. verbena chocolat, 6. Waverly & Irving

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