Vacation Getaway - Cancun

We were so excited to vacation in Cancun (technically Playa Del Carmen) this summer~! So we want to share with you all our little travel itinerary for the short weekend getaway! :)


We stayed at Fairmont Mayakoba, an AMAZING resort that locates in Playa Del Carmen.

It takes about 30-45min car ride south from Cancun International airport.  The resort was huge, provided with golf cart transportation 24/7 and bicycles available throughout the resort for guests.  You can find out more about the resort's amenities, services and activities on their website!

Did I mention that Mayakoba's golf course is the only PGA golf tour venue in Mexico? So for you golf lovers out there, this is THE place to come stay and play :)


Let's talk tour ;)

After hours of research online, and from recommendations from friends...

We ended up booking from Edventure Tours.

It was the best decision ever made! Not only was it budget friendly, but we actually thought we underpaid for its value! (Can you believe that??)

You can find their packages HERE


Tulum (Mayan ancient ruins)

Cenotes (Underground water caves)

Akumal Turtle Bay
Yalku Lagoon

Local Mayan cuisine served at lunch by the beach at Edventure Tour's owner's home! 

These shredded pork and chicken are slow cooked in stone ovens buried in the ground with handmade tortillas!

It was DELICIOUS to say the least.


I hope you will consider visiting Cancun/Playa Del Carmen for your next summer vacation!



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