What bridal magazines won’t tell you: advice from real brides who planned their own wedding.

Thanks to websites like Pinterest, brides can scroll through tons of DIY inspired projects and organize the wedding of a lifetime! More than ever before, brides are choosing to be their own wedding planners. If only organizing a wedding was as easy as clicking the “save” button.

Planning a wedding can make even the most tranquil person want to pull their hair out. Though the process can be stressful, designing your own wedding will make your special day even more authentic and unique. To help you feel more mentally prepared, we asked brides who planned their own weddings to share some REAL advice. Before you say “I do”, pour yourself a glass of wine, take a deep breath, and read below!


“Don’t listen to your mother-in-law. Don’t get those ugly tablecloths that she keeps suggesting.” - Francesca F. (29)

“To cut down on cost, try to DIY as much as possible. Don’t forget that Google is your friend. Be prepared to compromise with your significant other (and vendors) on certain aspects. If all else fails, save yourself the stress and money and just elope!” - Lindsay H. (28)

“Two must haves: An open bar and a choreographed first dance with an amazing lift.” - Jessi R. (37)

"The best piece of advice I can offer is to DELEGATE! You can't do it alone. Don't be afraid to ask for help, isn't that what bridesmaids are for?” - Rachel M. (23)

“Be prepared to develop a backbone. You've probably been dreaming up details of your wedding since you were a little girl in pigtails, and by now you have a pretty good idea of what your dream wedding looks like. Don't let family members, friends and vendors bully you into making choices you don't want to make. Go into every planning session with a clear idea of what you and your significant other want and always have notes in front of you.” - Eileen J. (40)

“Do not share the seating chart with anyone other than your spouse. It will cause unnecessary drama since everyone has an opinion. If they ask, tell them it's a surprise!” - Alison C. (32)

“Money really doesn't grow on trees. Make a budget and be realistic with what you can achieve within that budget. Communicate your budget to vendors at the beginning of appointments, so you don't waste time and experience a  heartache when viewing options that may not be within your price.” - Jennifer S. (28)

Your wedding goes by SO fast! As a bride who is putting her blood, sweat, and soul into this single day, it's hard to believe that it's gone in a flash. Before your wedding, sit down and set three goals for yourself (ex. eat a full plate of food, take a moment with your new husband/wife and observe your wedding, dance with your niece, etc.) and make sure to see them out on your wedding day. Those are the moments I remember the most.” - Sharyce A. (28)

I had so many people saying "you should do this", "you shouldn't do that", and my personal favorite, "well, at my wedding we..." My advice in regards to people's unsolicited advice is to IGNORE IT. Your wedding day is supposed to be the happiest day of your life. Not theirs!” - Shianne V. (29)

Bonus! Advice from a groom:

Learn to say no and when to not take no for an answer. Other people's opinions shouldn't dictate your wedding day. For every person that says, "we can't do that", there are two more who are willing to make it work.” - Matthew S. (27)  


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