Esselle's Top 5 Holiday Picks: For Newlyweds.

From wedding bells to jingle bells, it’s important to show the newlywed couple in your life how much you love and care! There’s still tons of items newlywed couples want and need after their wedding, regardless of what was on their registry. Don’t be the person who purchases them their fifth toaster this year, mix it up a little! Since we know newlyweds can be tricky to shop for, we did the hard part for you and found five incredible gifts that would make any newlywed couple feel jolly.


#1. Blue Apron Subscription -  price varies on plan

Cooking together is a great way for newlyweds to bond. Blue Apron is a delivery meal service that allows both experienced and novice chefs make an incredible, fresh meal in their own home. Blue Apron provides subscribers with fresh, locally sourced ingredients, in pre-measured quantities (so no food goes to waste). If you can follow a recipe, then you can easily cook delicious meals with Blue Apron. New chefs get $30 off their first delivery. Check out for more information.


#2. Lark & Ives “The Wanderlust” Set - $19.95

These adorable collectibles are perfect for the newlyweds who love to travel! Use Lark & Ives pins for hanging up maps, wedding/honeymoon photos, or notes. You can also purchase them with a butterfly clip backing to double these charming pins as fashion accessories. What a great stocking stuffer! Don’t forget to check out their “Celebration” set while you’re visiting the site!

#3. Esselle’s Coaster & Mug Gift Set - $82.00

This gift box set makes an incredible gift for the minimalistic newlyweds in your life. The box set includes his and hers mugs as well as a set of hand-painted coasters. Each mug contains a stainless steel plate that holds the mug and bamboo dish together. When needed, remove the bamboo dish and use it to hold tea bags or snacks! Esselle’s coaster trivets are perfect for tea, wine, ramen, you name it! Explore more gift sets here. Enjoy free shipping from now until 12/18.


#4. Amazon Echo - $79.99

What couple wouldn’t want their own personal assistant? The Amazon Echo equipped with Alexa technology can do just about anything: check the weather, play music, read recipes, set alarms and reminders, provide current news updates, request an Uber, and so much more! Explore the whole Echo & Alexa family here!


#5. Limited Edition Monopoly - $40.00+

Know a couple that can’t get enough of game night? These limited edition monopoly sets are a game changer, literally! From Walking Dead and Game of Thrones, to Super Mario Brothers and My Little Pony, there’s a limited edition monopoly game set for every newlywed couple! Want to get the ultimate gift this year? Check out Monopoly’s limited edition “Stranger Things” Set!

Have some gift ideas of your own? Leave a comment below!

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