Happy National Handwriting Day!

Happy National Handwriting Day! When was the last time you sent someone a handwritten letter or practiced your John Hancock? In this day and age, where everyone seems to be typing away on their computer, we think it’s the perfect time to remind our readers of the importance of penmanship. It’s time to put the pen to paper and celebrate! In honor of National Handwriting Day, we rounded up our top 5 favorite calligraphers. We hope you love writing as much as these amazing gals!


  1. Karla Lim - Written Word Calligraphy and Design

Karla Lim is based out of Vancouver, Canada. She is passionate about creating thoughtful calligraphy and illustrations that bring out the best of each stroke. Her handwriting is effortless and flowy, with a sense of playfulness. Her Elysian semi-custom suite was also recently featured in Real Weddings Magazine! Check out more of her beautiful work here!

 2.  Ruth Jahja-Daro - Seniman Calligraphy

Ruth Jahja-Daro is based out of Los Angeles, California. She developed a love for drawing, painting, sketching, and lettering at a young age. After creating her own wedding invite suite, dinner menu, and even photographing her own engagement portraits, Ruth fell in love with the creative process and decided to start Seniman Calligraphy. Click here to see more of her gorgeous, romantic work!

 3. Taryn Sutherland Gross - Twinkle and Toast

Photography by Cavin Elizabeth Photography

Photography by Amy Lynn Photography

Taryn Sutherland Gross is based out of San Diego, California. She incorporates her unique and colorful style to create meaningful, one-of-a-kind wedding invitations and paper goods. She values diversity and encourages her clients to express themselves through the design process, down to the finished result. You can see more of Taryn’s awe-inspiring work here!

4. Mellani DeJesus - Poppy Lettering And Design

Mellani DeJesus is based out of the Bay Area, California. She learned the fine art of calligraphy at ten years old and continued to practice it throughout high school and adulthood. Her modern and playful calligraphy will make you fall in love with penmanship all over again! Mellani also collaborated with us for our ‘Empowered Women’ collection! Click here to see more of her stunning work!

5.  Brianne Connolly - Brown Fox Calligraphy

Photography by Anna Wu

Brianne is based out of San Francisco, California. She took up calligraphy as a side hobby while working as a civil engineer, but ultimately switched to pursuing calligraphy as a career in 2015. Her style is classic, soft, and breathtaking! Check out more of Brianne’s stunning work here!


How do you plan on celebrating National Handwriting Day? Leave a comment below!

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