How to use a Rose Quartz Facial Roller?

If you follow beauty trends and are all about skincare regimens, you’ve no doubt seen a photo or two of the so-called Rose Quartz or Jade facial rollers.

What the heck is it? What does it do?

Let me begin by telling you that this tool isn’t something “new” to market. Gemstone crafted beauty tools originated from Asia and have been around for centuries (in various versions!).

Pretty to look at but its practicality far outweighs the superficiality of wanting another “pretty thing” in your skincare collection.

Because this tool actually works.

From de-puffing to calming and contouring.These roller helps promote lymphatic drainage and enhances blood circulation.

When we talk about body massages - noone is skeptical of its benefits. We all know what a massage can do for a body. A proper massage will relax the muscles, relieve tension and promote better blood and lymphatic circulation.

Sound familiar?

That’s because using a facial roller on your face is essentially the same as giving your face a nice pampered massage.

Gemstones are naturally cool so it provides a cooling sensation that can help soothe and de-puff your skin while the rolling motion gently massages to aid blood and lymphatic circulation.

We hope this gives you a bit of an insight into what a facial roller does and that you will give it a try! It’s a small investment for long term skincare. Creams run out, but you can certainly keep on rolling (literally)!

Ready to give it a roll? 😉 You can grab your very own rose quartz roller here.

How To Use:

After you’ve applied your serum and/or cream. Use the large end of the roller for your cheeks, jaw line, and forehead. Always roll in an outward and upward motion.

Use the smaller end of the roller for the delicate eye area.

How To Care For Your Rose Quartz Rollers

Rose Quartz is an all natural gemstone made of Earth’s Elements. It’s less porous than other crystals so all you need to do to care for it is with a gentle wipe.

Remember to wipe away excess skincare products from the roller to prevent build-up and put it back in the box for safe keeping. After all, it’s a crystal so it’s not unbreakable.

Keep in mind that the roller has metal parts that is not suitable to be kept in a humid environment, so please don’t leave them in the bathroom. The metal will rust over time due to humidity.  Nobody wants a rusty face roller!😑

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