Project Women’s x Coeur - Recap & Trade show tips!

Greetings from Las Vegas!

We were thrilled to be invited back to PROJECT WOMENS to exhibit at their Winter 2018 trade show. This year, we were a part of a special collaboration between Project Womens and COEUR. COEUR features the best mix of tech, gifts, home goods, candles, fragrances, apothecary, well being and beauty brands. The Esselle team had such a blast getting to know our retailers and clients, as well as our booth neighbors and other makers! We connected with so many incredible individuals and companies, that we wanted to share some of our favorite booths this season!

Bitch Stix:

Bitch Stix is a face and body care company. They focus on using organic and natural ingredients and all of their products contain SPF. If the name hasn’t sold you by now, we know this will: all purchases help support survivors of domestic violence, as well as sexual assault prevention programs. Don’t forget to check out their Instagram too! 

Esselle’s Fav: Eucalyptus Mint Lip Balm SPF 30


MAME Soy Candles:

Tired of your same ol’ vanilla scented candle? It’s time you treated yourself to MAME Soy Candles! MAME Soy Candles are made from 100% soy wax and premium oils which allows them to burn longer and cleaner than your average candle. Another reason why MAME Soy candles are so special? Each candle is named and scented with song lyrics, giving them that personal touch! Discover more on their Instagram!

Esselle’s Fav: #3 - Blood Orange, Grapefruit



PLTNC (pronounced platonic) is a Los Angeles based lifestyle and home decor brand with the goal of creating elevated products with a graduated sophistic approach through fine fragrances and unique materials. This is modern luxury for the home! Follow them on Instagram to see more!

Esselle’s Fav: Forest Floor Incense Sticks


Hadron Epoch:

Get ready to customize your day-to-day routine! Hadron Epoch creates planners, journals, notepads, phone cases, and other practical lifestyle items, making your world and work environment a more vibrant place! They focus on clean lines, refreshing colors, and out-of-the ordinary patterns. Their aesthetic is modern and clean, but with a splash of chic! Head on over to their Instagram to see more!

Esselle’s Fav: 12-Month Pop Planner Cotton Candy


Yuzu Soap:

Yuzu Soap specializes in handcrafted bath/body products featuring modern designs. Their products are made in small batches using premium ingredients including plant-based oils, rich butters, pure yuzu juice and essential oils. Every product is individually handcrafted and packaged with detailed care and attention. They offer both a natural and fragrance collection, two great options when shopping for yourself or when gifting for others! Follow them on Instagram to learn more about their process!

Esselle’s Fav: Esselle x Yuzu Soap Dual Bath Fizz Set


Standard Wax:

Standard Wax pairs handpoured, uniquely scented candles with artist-designed ceramic vessels to make a multipurpose piece of functional art. Each vessel is specifically made to live on, long after the candle burns down. They can hold succulents and houseplants, spare change and screwdrivers, makeup brushes and desk accessories! Explore more ways you can repurpose your Standard Wax candle on their Instagram!

Esselle’s Fav: Tobacco Rose Diffuser


Have you been wanting to exhibit at trade shows? Don’t know where to start or what the experience is like? We know the feeling. We’ve been having such a great time over the past year attending trade shows, that we wanted to share our top five tips for those coming into trade shows as a new comer:

1) A great way to start is by researching collectives or finding a collaboration area within a trade show. This can help you save money on your booth! It also gives you the opportunity to connect with other makers who have similar interests.

2) Reach out to your booth neighbors and other exhibitors! Get to know them and their business. Having someone to chat with can make the long day go by quickly. Also, help your neighbors out! If they need to take a lunch or bathroom break, offer to help run their booth.

3) Greet EVERYONE. Whether it’s a retailer or another exhibitor, always make it a point to say “hello” to those checking out your booth. If you make a connection with someone, remember to exchange business cards or contact info.

4) Though this seems obvious, try your best not to overwhelm your booth’s display area. Make sure that you’re highlighting your key products at a comfortable eye level. If your product comes in a set of multiples, we suggest only bringing one to showcase. For example: Esselle’s place card holders come in a set of six. When it comes to trade shows, we only bring one piece of the six to display.

5) A common question you’ll get asked is, “Can you tell me more about your business?” Have a short and memorable answer prepared. Keep it simple and to the point. Instead of pitching your product, use this time to educate the buyer on your product.


Have some trade show tips of your own? Share a comment below!

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